sabato 14 novembre 2015

Everyday there are places which are threatened by terrorists and are under war attacks, and unfortunately they aren't few, but a lot, and we could write a sad, very sad list with countries from Africa, Asia and Middle East. Yesterday it came here in Europe too.

My heart beats for and gives all those people which are threatened, hurt and suffering in each corner of the world its love and affection, but also all those people that are and will be discriminated thanks to these stupid and ignorant terrorists, who act just for themselves and no one (and nothing) else.

I haven't got any words for prayers, I don't really think it will help, but I will do everything to bring peace and love through each of my actions, to make those who can be discriminated feel welcome as the French people (not the government) has done opening the doors of my heart.
I really do hope you'll do the same, we must be the first messengers of peace, love and brother/sisterhood within humankind.

Love, Flavia.

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